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親愛的Edmund 何尚允弟兄,教會是上主的家、基督的身體、聖靈的殿。凡受洗的人都蒙召叫人認識基督是救主和生命的主,並且分擔更新祂創造之工作。現今你蒙召為牧者、祭司和教師,並與你的主教和其他牧者同工一起參與教會的工作。



親愛的Edmund 何尚允弟兄,你是否確信你是受上主和祂教會的呼召,去承擔牧師的職分?


Karen 的越洋鼓勵

謝謝Karen 的越洋鼓勵和代禱


這是上主的福音 !


先看看AFC 大佬兼友人 Gabriel參與感恩崇拜的分享:這是上主的福音 !

In the theatre

Hi daddy,

I’m watching movie and scared of the dark. But I have the light with me. I’m still scared.





Thank you Jessica, you have made my day! (Just that I did not know my daughter is already using a smart phone!)

Enoch Family Camp 2009

Jocelyn, Cc and I were at Enoch Summer Camp during the Civic Holiday long weekend. It’s been a while since the last time I posted some family pictures. Hope you enjoy them!


[audio:sermons/enoch family camp 2009/John_6_24-35.mp3]
MGC – 20090801 – Niagara on the lake – Enoch Summer Camp

I will come back just for this…

Karen, you’ve got to do this at your wedding!!

Yes, I know this is actually a viral from youtube. And here is another one on their supposedly “last day”:

And no, Karen — don’t try this at home.

Be an accountable Christian

Guys, you know who you are.

We are so easily aroused sexually when explicit videos and images are just a click of a mouse away.

We don’t talk about it at church or fellowship, because don’t want to talk about it.

We don’t wanna talk about it, because we don’t see what we can do about it.

Yet we have seen how the world is twisted around us due to such uncontrollable desire.

We need to do something about it.

We need to act now.

I challenge you to keep your online presence accountable among fellow brothers whom you trust.

Go to and download their free apps. It will then keep a log of all the sites you visited and then email a report to your accountability partners (2) in a frequency you preferred (1,2 or every 4 weeks).

Nothing fancy. Just a report of all questionable sites and links to friend(s) you hold accountable for.

Yes, for IT genius like yourself, the apps can be easily stopped or disabled.

But you know whom you are deceiving —


just yourself.

Let me know if you want me to be your accountability partner. I will be asking 2 of you to do the same for me.

A community that really concern about the real you,

the one nobody is watching.

Do you want to be a part of this?

Anglican Church in North America

One of the major issues that hindered me back in 2007 when considering the possibility of doing church -planting under AMiA was the question of unity and solidarity. While seeing a lot of faithful Christians leaving the ACC and the ECUSA, I see many were forming their own group, doing their own thing. I felt there was a lack of unifying spirit for those who left for more or less the same reason but at various times.

I asked Archbishop Yong and Bishop TJ about this, and sure enough, they told me about Common Cause and assured me that this stage was only temporary. So I am very excited and glad and grateful to God that the Anglican Church in North America has now become as reality, with it inauguration at Christ Church Plano, Texas on June 24, 2009.

The procession of clergy and bishops for the installation of ACNA:

Other video links, including (Arch)bishop Duncan’s address at the Inaugural Assembly (2nd in list):

At a time when Christian-hopping and church-splitting are so common, isn’t it wonderful to witness a moment in church history when followers of Christ are join together for a single purpose of mission?

Thanks Anson for linking to the video. See his post for more related links and news.