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檸檬可樂:檸檬味假到震,似洗潔精那種,同茶餐廳的差得遠, No good。

少糖維他檸檬茶:我沒有試過,但測試者說,仍然很甜, Also no good。

是Neapolitan不是 Napoleon

可有留意三色「拿破崙」雪糕是Neapolitan,而不是 Napoleon?
我就一直以為是Napoleon(那位法國皇帝),於是不知將三色雪糕也讀作 Napoleon。






今年15.4lb 的燒牛肉(Prime Rib Roast)煮法:

  1. 前一日將連七條肋骨的燒牛肉解凍,用海鹽和黑胡椒塗勻全身,再放回雪櫃(not freezer)醃過夜。
  2. 燒牛肉前將肉取出,放於室溫兩小時以上。將可入焗爐的溫度計插進肉的中央。
  3. Preheat焗爐至450F。
  4. 用大錫盤將牛肉放進焗爐,待15分鐘後,轉至325F。
  5. 由第一個30分鐘起,每30分鐘將從牛肉出來的油/汁塗回牛肉上。
  6. 焗三小時半左右,以溫度計顯示肉的中央溫度為140F為止。
  7. 從焗爐取出燒牛肉,用錫紙包著牛肉,等20-25分鐘以上。


  1. Blue Cheese汁: 1 1/2杯的Wipping Cream和兩cloves的蒜頭切碎,全放進猛火的煲內。待滾後轉細火,再煮10分鐘(時不時攪動,免燒焦) 。待熄火後,將3/4杯的碎Blue Cheese放進,攪勻。用時再以細火加熱。
  2. 牛肉汁:燒牛肉完成後,用大錫盤底的牛肉汁,去油,再加入罐頭或自製的牛肉湯(Beef Broth),煮滾後即成。





Chopped cardboard, softened with an industrial chemical and flavored with fatty pork and powdered seasoning, is a main ingredient in batches of steamed buns sold in one Beijing neighborhood, state television said.

The report, aired late Wednesday on China Central Television, highlights the country’s problems with food safety despite government efforts to improve the situation.


Update (July 19 2007):

According to the Beijing municipal government, investigations had found that the Beijing Television freelance reporter had fabricated the story for higher audience ratings. The China journalist has been arrested for fabricating a report about street vendors who used chemical-soaked cardboard to fill meat buns, state media says.


Not Bad As A Father?!

Well, when you wife is sick and your 14-month old daughter is not well for the past few days, the only way to celebrate Father's Day is by grocery-shopping and cook a great meal yourself.

When you come back from Sobey's at 7:15pm; to be able to serve something like this for dinner at 8:15pm is not bad, isn't it? 

Steak & Lobster

Jocelyn says:

Kai Goh Andrew promised me a Steak & Lobster meal when I am old enough to eat! So for the record, this is what I am expecting….


Kai Goh, Kai Jeh & Me

Jocelyn says: 

Kai Goh Andrew & Kai Jeh Jessica visited us tonight. But dad, just where is my steak?


Charis & all others that live in western Canada, you better try this!

I was told that you can get this at T&T