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The logic of Easter

Willimon on the logic of Easter:

Easter begins in the recognition that our faith is not futile, in our present experience of the Risen Christ roaming among us. It is the testimony, not just of preachers like me, but of countless believers like you, that is the evidence. When bread and wine touch your lips and you see, feel the real presence. When you thought your heart would break in disappointment and pain, but it didn’t because He was standing beside you in the dark. When you didn’t know what to say and there were just the right words, words not of your own devising, being spoken by you. When you dragged into the church, cold at heart, skeptical, and distant, yet at the hymns, your spirit rose to greet His, your faith is not in vain.

This is the logic of Easter.

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1 Cor 16:1-24

Mar 26 2006 課堂錄音:


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  2. 哥林多前書16:1-24經文(pdf)

1 Cor 15:1-58

Mar 19 2006 課堂錄音:


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  2. 哥林多前書15:1-58經文(pdf)


  1. 哥林多前書15:1-58

1 Cor 14:1-40

Mar 12 2006 課堂錄音:


  1. 哥林多前書14:1-40筆記(pdf)
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  1. 後期引伸/改動的可能討論


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  2. 「宣告」的角度
  3. 「改動」的角度
  4. 「引述」的角度


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1 Cor 12:1-13:13

Mar 05 2006 課堂錄音:


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1 Cor 11:2-34

Feb 26 2006 課堂錄音:


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1 Cor 10:1-11:1

Feb 19 2006 課堂錄音:


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1 Cor 8:1-9:27

Feb 12 2006 課堂錄音:


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