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God is calling you

Allow me not to expound the details and complicate matters. And please understand that I don’t do this often (in fact, ever) as well. But here it is:

This morning, I have a very strong sense that God is calling me to tell those that I know to seriously ponder the possibility of  doing full-time ministry by first studying theology in a seminary.

No names, no details. Just that.

And no, I did not have a vision or was sent to the third heaven. It is just a strong sense and conviction that I need to say this.

And so, it is far from coincidence that you are reading this right now.

I know, all the “but’s” will come up from your heart and mind right away. But please,

Listen first.

Listen to Him first.

No, this is not a joke.

I would never crack jokes like this. This is serious.

And if you think I can help in anyway. Let me know right away.